Monday, January 4, 2010

Ice, Ice Baby

Fact: I don't "do" cold.

I hate this winter weather we're having. Do the gods not know that one of the main factors in my choosing to live in North Carolina is the mild winters? If I wanted bitter freaking cold I'd move up North where the shopping is better or out to Denver where I'd at least be able to look at pretty snow.

But no, this waking up to 17 degree weather is not working for me. Dressing in layers - while in certain cases is fashionable - doesn't work so well when you're bundled up like the kid in A Christmas Story.

I'm not trying to be a wimp - but here's the truth. 99.9% of the time - I'm cold anyway... regardless of the weather. I have a nice habit of self-diagnosing myself, so I try to keep up with shows like "Medical Incredible" or "Mystery Diagnosis" to see if there is ever a person that has my same symptom of always being freaking COLD. It is unnatural. In fact, I place bets that by 2020 you'll see a special on TLC called "Frozen: The Girl Who Was Always Cold." And then you'll see my pretty little mug on the screen.

So, how cold is cold? For the past 2 months, this is what I've slept in:

1. Fleece pants.
2. Thick socks which I tuck my pants into so the pants don't ride up while I squirm around in bed. Sexy, right?
3. One of Chad's oversize long sleeve t-shirts.
4. A sweatshirt (if I'm feeling especially chilly).
5. A Snuggie (wearing it - not just laying it over me).
6. A sheet.
7. A blanket.
8. A quilt.
9. Fleece blanket #1.
10. Fleece blanket #2.

And more often than not, I'm still freezing cold. Is that not odd? The only thing that is giving me some reprieve is that while we're staying at Chad's parents, we've been sleeping in a double bed (our queen is in storage). I'm using this to my advantage to practically lay on top of Chad while sleeping - or at least make as many body parts touch him as possible for body heat.

Here is where it gets fun. Chad is always BURNING up. This becomes quite the battle when we lived in our own townhouse because we'd battle over the thermostat. Our typical fight we've had 490393 times:

Me: "Chad, it's supposed to be really freaking cold tonight. Can we please turn on the heat?"
Chad: "Yes, but not a lot." (Sets thermostat to like 60.)
Me: "Ugh. I'm going to be FREEZING."
Chad: "No you won't. I'll hold you."
Me: "You always say that and you do it for like 10 minutes and then you start 'getting hot' and then roll over to your side of the bed and I'm freezing again."

And the fight continues. Since we're staying at his parents, we aren't in control over the thermostat so my only option is dressing like a freaking eskimo to go to bed.

It's sad really. I'm already counting down the days until Spring!

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