Friday, February 11, 2011

Pregnancy Week by Week: 11

Well readers, I figured I might as well finish 'em up! Depending on how it's being counted, today (if it's by my IUI date... which is more accurate) or Sunday (if it's done by my last period date... which is what is standard for OB's to use) marks me down as 12 weeks pregnant... and through my first trimester!


I know that's kinda confusing to some who haven't been pregnant yet, but that is how they calculate the due date. My RE uses the IUI date, because we know exactly when I conceived, which would put me at 12-weeks pregnant today and a due date of Aug. 26th. But OBGYN's always prefer to use your last menstrual period, which seems funny to me since not everyone has the same cycle length. If they use that date, I won't be considered 12 weeks until Sunday, and my due date they are calculating as Aug. 28th (and will readjust if the baby is measuring a few days ahead of their prediction.)

But heck, at the beginning of your pregnancy, you are aching to be officially done with your first trimester, so dangit, I'm counting it as today. So with that said, I'll finish up with my pre-dated week-by-weeks, and from here on out, every Friday I'll post what's happening that week.

Sound like a plan? So here we are, glad to finish with...

Week 11
Baby size: A lime
How I feel about being pregnant: I think after 10 weeks of "sick" I'm becoming less enthralled with this whole pregnancy thing. I just want the baby! ;) But in honesty, I know that once I'm out of my first trimester, I'm going to start feeling better and will get to actually start enjoying the pregnancy. I've been forewarned that these next few weeks (were you actually feel good) are the ones that fly by. Of course at the very beginning and end (when you feel miserable) seems to drags on.
Symptoms: Dare I say it? I think I'm turning the corner. My nausea has really died down this week - I've had a couple bad days at the beginning of the week but it's starting to subside.
Food Cravings: You guessed it... still fruit. Three cheers for Harris Teeter running specials on strawberries for two weeks in a row. Me, Chad, Baby B and our wallet thank you.
What I'm most excited about: Officially announcing the pregnancy. Most friends have learned the news by now, so we're not keeping it a secret any more.
Something sweet your daddy did for me: More flowers, cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. He is definitely winning husband-of-the-year award in my eyes. He is doing everything he can to make my life easy. And I don't thank him nearly enough. You're sweet, Chaddy.
Something I've done to prepare for baby: Not sure if this is more for me or the baby...but I bought my first pair of maternity jeans! I still fit in all my normal pants... but they are getting less and less comfortable every passing day. The moment I put on those maternity jeans, I swear I cried in pure bliss. Those have to be the greatest invention known to woman.
Funny moment: I read on US Weekly that Pete Wenz and Ashley Simpson are getting divorced... and I started crying. I DON'T CARE ONE LITTLE IOTA about either one of them. Hormones are just something else!
Special moment: Kissing the first trimester goodbye. Second trimester: I've never been so excited to meet something in my life!


  1. Yeah for the 2nd trimester and double YEAH for maternity jeans! I wish you didn't have to be pregnant to wear them, they are sent straight from heaven! So glad you're feeling better!

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  3. stumbled upon your blog. i'm also 11 weeks pregnant. this is my first pregnancy after 5 years of waiting and 3 months of fertility treatment and glad to know other people who are in the same boat as i do.

  4. Thanks for finding me BI! Always happy to have new followers. I'm glad it looks like our pregnancies are so close together - it will be neat following each others journeys.

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