Friday, January 22, 2010

Maybe it's just me...

I'm not really the type of girl that has crushes on Hollywood celebrities or anything. But there is one guy that I think is ridiculously good looking.

Former USC Quarterback (current Arizona back-up to Kurt Warner) Matt Leinart:

And I swear the only reason I think he's so hot is because I swear he looks like Chad... who I find to be the MOST smoking hot. The have the same curly hair, the dark eyes, same lips, etc.

And then I saw the dimples...I've told you the only reason I married Chad was because of his dimples...

I need to get Chad growing out his scruff again. He had it going on around Thanksgiving. One word: H.O.T. I wish I had pictures of it because it made them look even more alike - but alas, I don't.

PS: Chad is going to hate me forever and a day for writing a post about this. But it was time to come clean.

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