Friday, January 29, 2010


Sorry for not blogging yesterday - sometimes a girl's gotta work!

So my dad told me last night that I need to start blogging about him again or he's going to stop reading:

Dad: "Your articles aren't really geared toward guys."
Me: "First of all, they are not called articles, they're called posts. And second, untrue. I know at least 10 of my guy friends read my blog and like it... and I'm sure there are others. I mean, I know I talk about girlie stuff sometimes... but not all the time."
Dad: "Okay. Well I guess I only like the blogs about me, Chad or Baby Foxy."
Me: "Ah hah. The truth comes out."
Dad: "Those are your best posties."
Me: "Posts, dad. Not posties."

This is the stuff I deal with. You know how Chad says I have a constant need for attention? Are you still wondering where I get it from?

With this crazy predictions of anywhere from 4-10 inches of snow in North Carolina (yes, you heard me, in NC!), my dad decided he wants to have a pancake breakfast on Saturday morning for Baby Foxy. He comes home last night with two huge jugs of the ready to pour pancake mix. My mom did her best not to roll her eyes in disdain because she obvi makes pancakes from scratch... and why in the world would you buy two gallons of the stuff when they're easy enough - and better - to just make yourself? But she's used to his antics now, and picks her fights.

So Baby Foxy will trample over in the snow on Saturday morning - braving the elements - to walk next door for pancakes at my parents' house. My dad also bought scrapple - which I've refused to ever try and am not really sure what it is but it looks gross... and really, why do
you need another breakfast meat when sausage and bacon are your other options - that he is planning on trying to get Baby Foxy to eat so he can "be a man."


So maybe I'll take some pancake breakfast pics on Saturday morning.

And on a selfish note - ugh, I know I'm the queen of "I Love Snow!" - but I've got a house to be built! I've been living with in-laws and parents for 3 months now. Snow just slows down the process! So hopefully we'll get a little bit and then it'll go back to being 60 degrees again!

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