Monday, January 25, 2010


Are y'all sick of this yet? I keep thinking you must be - but then again, house blogs always get good views... so some of you out there must be interested!

So it has been almost 3 months since they started construction on the house. At the beginning there was a lot of changes from week to week. During the middle (during inspections and such), things slowed down a bit... at least visually. Well now that we're in the final stretch, there are literally new things happening every day.

For instance - this week, they laid the hardwoods, started the stonework on the exterior, stained the beadboard on the porches....and (the biggest part)... installed our cabinets! We were told that the cabinets tend to be the hold-up... so the fact those are complete is very encouraging!

So here you go!

First the exterior...

Front of the house:
... the only picture I didn't take because a guy was working on the house. I don't like taking pictures of people without their knowledge so I made Chad take it instead.

Back of the house:

...sad muddy backyard. It will be pretty soon enough.

Front porch:

Stone work:

Back porch:

Now the inside...

Kitchen cabinets... woo hoo:

Master bath cabinets:

Laundry room cabinets:
Remember Chad telling me to "not go crazy" with the hardware... I'm glad I did it my way! They all are so different and fun.

Guest bathroom cabinets:

Dusty hardwoods (they sanded to finish this week, I hope):So that's the latest!

What's next, say you? I don't really know either! They obviously need to finish the hardwoods, put up the interior doors, put up the crown molding and wainscoating, do the interior painting, install the countertops, add the exposed beams to the master bedroom, finish painting the front and back porch posts, pour the stamped concrete entryway and patio, put up the garage door, install our lighting fixtures... and for goodness sake... landscape the yard! So I guess they will have a lot to keep them busy...

but the move in countdown is on!

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