Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just a teeny tiny bit excited

Soooo yesterday, while driving home from church (yes we go on Saturday evening - because we're just that cool), I got a little buzz on my Blackberry announcing a new comment on MPLT.

It was from this fine gal, "Sam" at Sandwich365. She said had read my blog post which I gave some yummy recipes for a veggie sandwich and a pimento cheese sandwich. And she loved my blog! So of course I went to her blog to see her street cred - and sure enough - she has this awesome blog with nothing but cool sandwiches!

Cool blogger chick who writes about sandwiches checks out my baby blog post about sandwiches and she actually liked it! Yippee! I gave Chad a high-five in the car. Not that any of my followers are any less special - maybe you are like the CEO of Kraft Foods. But you don't let me know that. If you are - I'll make a big ol' deal about you.

The best part of my celebration is when Chad said, "I predict the Pioneer Woman will start reading your blog and follow it."

I shrilled in excitement. I heart PW. If any of you are like BFF with PW and could pass her my blog to review, I'd be eternally grateful. It'd be like the greatest day of my life.