Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Birthday, A Rant, and Some Leprechauns

Let me start with a housekeeping item.

Fact: I haven't been blogging as much, lately.

Sorry team, but daily blogging has really taken it out of me, and I'd much rather have awesomely great blogs every other day or so, than struggle to put together something for the sake of daily blogging. I hope that's okay with you.

Okay, onward and upward.

Let me start by stating the obvious: Today is St. Patrick's Day.

Let me follow up with the not-so-obvious: I don't care. In fact, I detest the fact I'm even wearing a green shirt today, but it's only because a couple years ago I didn't, and some random stranger man pinched me... WEIRDO! I refuse to be accosted by anymore leprechaun freaks, so I gave in and wore a green shirt today.

That said, my heart is still black to St. Patty's day - like it is to Halloween, Cinco de Mayo and other frivolous holidays. Chad would argue that this makes me a grinch - which I would obvi fight back and say that I loooooove Christmas and Easter - which are real holidays.

Not that I owe anyone an explaination, but here are my reasons:

1) St. Patrick's Day: I'm too old to want to go out and drink a bunch of nasty green beer. My waistline doesn't like it, nor does my head the next morning. Plus, I hate being forced to wear a certain color to avoid some wackjob trying to put his hands on me.

2) Halloween: I'm all for Halloween - for people under the age of 13. I think it's cute seeing little kids dressed up in costumes and getting to walk around and visit their neighbors for candy. I'm even cool with decorating your house all fun for the occasion. My hate with Halloween is why women 18+ use Halloween as an excuse to dress like a prostitute for the evening. I actually remember working in a bar in college on Halloween and a girl walked in wearing white lace underwear and a bra... and nothing else. Honey, that's not a festive costume - that's your excuse to dress like a whore. You're not fooling anyone. And why does every adult costume for women begin with the word "slutty?" Slutty nurse. Slutty secretary. Slutty teacher. Slutty McDonald's cashier. Okay maybe not that last one. But you get my point. I'm an old soul at heart.

3) Cinco de Mayo: See #1, minus the pinching part and sub the green beer for margaritas. But I will use Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to cook/go out and eat Mexican for dinner... because it is delish.

However, the most important reason I don't need to celebrate St. Patrick's day is because there is something a lot more important to celebrate. March 17th is MPLT's dad's birthday! And since reading about my pops has led to lots of LOLs from you - like from this post, or this one, or this, or this - maybe we can all can agree that my dad is the real reason to celebrate March 17... not green beer and pinching.

My dad is usually the last one up in the morning. However, today he was out of the house before I even came downstairs. No doubt he was excited to get to his favorite coffee shop (where he works from most weekday mornings - since he's in sales and doesn't have a "real" office) and tell all the coffee shop wo
rkers and patrons that today is his birthday. Since my dad makes friends with everyone he meets - from the dry cleaner, to the guy who changes the oil in this car, to the fella he sits next to on a plane ride - no doubt there will be a chorus of cheers celebrating my dad over lattes this morning.

So happy birthday, daddy! You're way cooler than a leprechaun.

PS: My dad had these shirts made for his nieces - two for each of them. One on a white tee, and the other on a pink tee (for dressier occasions, he pointed out to them.) This is why my dad deserves celebration.

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