Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Did you know...

1) I've never had a corndog.

Never. Not even a bite. And not even a tiny part of me ever wants to - even though I like cornbread and hotdogs. Ever.

2) I've never mowed the lawn.

Chad thinks this is crazy. But I had a dad and three brothers - there
was never a need. I told Chad before buying a house that if he wanted a big lawn, he was going to be the one maintaining it.

3) When I buy vitamins like Flintstones or OneADay Vitamin chews, I always am very picky about what color I eat... even though they all taste the exact same - like vitamins.

4) I get ready in the exact same order every morning - and I never change my routine. I once heard that doing that can stunt your creativity, so one morning I decided to change things up. Well I forgot to shave my legs and I put conditioner on my hair before shampooing it. Needless to say, I never tried that again.

5) When Chad and I hold hands, he always forces my pointer finger and thumb to be next to each other - so our fingers don't interlock all the way around. It drives me crazy, but now we're s
o used to it that trying to hold hands the "normal" way feels unnatural.

6) Washing my face is my favorite part of the day.

7) When creating a list like this, it would be exteremely difficult for me to stop at a random number like 7...

8) so...

9) too...

10) bad...


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