Monday, March 22, 2010

Fine - girl blog

Okay, my girlie readers are mad at me for posting about basketball teams...

So let's talk about nail polish.

Truth: I had a deep desire right now to go get some gray nail polish - like this lovely color from Chanel.

So like we would do in the world of public relations - let's create a SWOT analysis...

1) I have the $ to go purchase said nail polish.
2) I'm phenomenal in that I can do my nails myself as well as if I paid someone to do them (yes, that even includes painting my right hand.)

1) My father-in-law hates when I wear "weird" color nail polish...aka: anything that is not pink, red or french tipped. And he'll call me out on it. For instance, once I was wearing a deep, deep berry - almost black- and he said, "Is that black nail polish you're wearing? I don't like that." So I don't think he'd be too pleased with a steely gray.

1) I've been in a writing funk lately. Maybe watching my little fingers type away with a hot new nail color would bring some inspiration to my life.

1) My nails are long right now. I think dark nail polish only looks good if my nails are really cut down shorter. Which leads to... --->
2) Chad will throw me out in the streets if I cut my nails. The man loves his back scratches... and he thinks my nails are in top scratching form right now.

Decisions, decisions.

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