Thursday, September 10, 2009

When parents meet technology...

This was too good not to blog about.

I'll preface this by saying that my Mama would never care to use any sort of technology - unless it means she can talk to her kids more. For this reason, she's been using gchat since I have - about three years. I think she also knows the bear minimum of texting - whereas she can read our texts to her, but I'm pretty sure doesn't text back.

My daddy on the other hand - despite being in technology sales his whole life - is a technophobe. He frequently jokes that he wants to join "Facespace" - mostly to bother my baby bro Kevin... who is terrified that my dad would make all sorts of embarassing comments on his wall. Which he totally would. I mean what's a father for if not to terrorize their children?

When Kevie went off to college, my dad learned to text message (a fact I only know second hand... since the only person he texted was Kev). Kev said dad would text him like paragraph-long emails that included "Dear" and "Love, Dad." I think the novelty of texting wore off... and now if he wants to harass Kevin, he'll just pick up the phone and do it verbally like normal people.

A few weeks ago my dad opened a gmail account so he could keep his Fantasy Football emails seperate from his work account. So today, I see his little green light pop up on my gchat window. And I couldn't resist:

me: hi daddy
me: don't be scared of the gchat... just type in this little box
Edward: hey dee ..I AM G-Chatting!!
me: haha! you are so in with the times
Edward: I was responding to your email - or should I g-chat instead?
(NOTE: I love that he used the dash in g-chat. So proper.)
me: you can gchat me - that way it can be more of a convo
--several chats go back and forth as we discuss Fantasy Football strategies---
Edward: alright gotta go. later you!
me: thanks dad. love you
---couple seconds pass... I'm assuming he's about to get off and then:--
how do I g-chat with mom?

Haha! He thinks you can only gchat with one person at the same time - -like a phone. Amateurs!

I gave him instructions that he can only gchat mom when she has a little green light next to her name. He seemed so excited to show off his gchatting to my mom that I about called her work phone and told her to get online.

I've probably created a monster. I have a feeling my dad will be getting on numerous times throughout the day to talk football with me. So if you're on gmail and my dad has you on his email list - but forewarned.

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