Monday, March 8, 2010

Almost there: House pics

We're really winding to a close guys! It's kind of bittersweet. Obviously I'm super excited to be moving into our new home... but at the same time, we've spent the last 4+ months devoted to the process! We're nearing the end.

So here's what was new this week!

Major things: Finished the painting. Started putting in the lighting. Started putting in the appliances. Put in the toilets/sinks. Put in the plumbing fixtures.

Still to do: Finishing the hardwoods. Laying the carpet in the bedrooms. Putting the handles on the doors. Landscaping the yard.

So here are a slew of pictures...

Guest bedroom 1:

Guest bedroom 2:

Bonus room:
Foyer - Chad loves this light:

Dining room - I love this light:

Oh chandelier. You were worth fighting for:

Master bedroom (camera was splotchy - not the walls):

Master bathroom (don't know why it's wet there... kinda gross):

Power room downstairs:

Kitchen faucet (thanks for voting - I picked yours!):

They also finished painting the front and back porches. Pretend there is a picture of them here:

So there you go! Hopefully next week we'll be even further along.

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