Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Guilty pleasure

So Chad is absolutely obsessed with the holiday's Reese's cups. He gets excited every year when the Reese's Christmas Trees come out... then the Valentine's Day Hearts... but his favorite are the Easter Eggs. We cannot take a trip to the g-store, Target, Walgreens, etc. without him buying a pack of 'em.
But I can't judge because I have my own holiday candy obsession...

Cadbury Mini Eggs.

NOT to be confused with Cadbury Mini CREME Eggs - which Chad always buys me instead, to which I say, "That's not the kind I like!!!" And when I tell him to buy me Cadbury mini eggs for my Easter basket the next year, he'll inevitably say "No - I refuse to buy them for you since I bought them last year and you never ate them." To which I remind him, again every year, "NO you bought me the CREME eggs... I want the plain MINI eggs."

It's a big ordeal.

But they are heavenly. If you spot the purple bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs - do yourself a favor and purchase them ASAP.

I have a bag at my desk and it's going to take every ounce of willpower to not eat the whole dang thing.

I'm alloting myself 7 eggs a day.

I haven't even had lunch yet and I've already had 3.


  1. mini eggs are my fave too! I usually have to buy a few bags!!

  2. OMG..I just bought a bag of Cadburys...they are my FAVE!!!