Thursday, March 11, 2010

Never enough time

Sorry guys - blogging is going to be weak today. I am slammed with 5 meetings on the docket - and it's only 8:30!

Will you love me anyway?


So instead of a blog, I'll share the first few random thoughts that come to my mind.

1) I'm on my third Tervis Tumbler cup of hot green tea. I probably will have three more before the day is over.

2) My baby bro Kevin comes home today. Kevin whines that I never blog about him. So there you go. Yay Kevie! But I do really miss him, and am glad he'll be home for ACC Tournament weekend.
ACC TOURNAMENT WEEKEND! Woo! I'm excited. I hope Maryland makes a good run in the tourney. Now Kev will be upset that I didn't even give him a full bullet point to himself.

3) Chad forgot to put gas in my car this weekend. My gas light has come on. I panic at this. I don't let my gas get below 1/4 a tank out of irrational fear that I'll run out of gas while driving on the highway and be stranded. I knew it was getting low, but I thought I'd make it til tomorrow - when Chad is taking my car anyway to get the oil changed, etc. So now I'll have to stop and get gas by myself. I hate that.

4) Our house is almost done. I need area rugs. And blinds. Stat.

5) I sang loudly to a power ballad that was on the radio on my ride in this morning. I tried calling Chad to sing it to him, but he was in his morning meeting. I considered leaving it on his work voicemail, but was scared that he'd put it on speakerphone to play to all his work friends. I don't share my singing with just any one.

So there you go. Happy Thursday. I'm an open book baby!

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