Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Monday!

I hope my dear readers had a wonderful, restful and fun weekend!

Ours was great. Friday night Chad and I volunteered at our church for an "Amazing Race" event for more than 200 4th and 5th graders. Those kids were crazy - but they had so much fun racing from "country" to "country" to compete in different challenges. It was so interesting to see the different thought processes behind a 10 year old boy and a 10 year old girl. Boys just wanted to leap into the challenges, while girls were all about the strategy. We had a blast, but were definitely tired at the end of the evening!

Saturday we had dinner at The Pit - an amazing "upscale" bbq place downtown. The place was absolutely packed - even though we got there at 4:30 so we'd be able to watch the Maryland basketball game at 7. That evening, we met some friends at a local bar to celebrate Kel's 26th birthday. I got to have a glass of champagne and we actually stayed out til midnight... which we never do. I had to drag Chad kicking and screaming out there at 10 - trying to remind him that only a few short (okay not so short anymore) years ago we used to BEGIN our evenings at 10 p.m.! But once I got him out there, he enjoyed the evening. (I knew he would.)

There wasn't all too much new at the house this week - hence there being no pictures. They have started painting, so I would imagine that will all be complete by this weekend. I'm hoping they'll finish some other things as well. We've noticed over the past couple of months that one week they'll do tons of stuff on the house, and the next week we wonder if they've done anything at all. But that is where the patience part comes in - we close at the end of this month! I've never been so happy for March to be here.

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