Monday, March 22, 2010

Can I have a moment of silence... remembrance of University of Maryland's 2009-2010 basketball season?


Oh friends, it was just a very bad, no good, horrible, awful day yesterday when Maryland lost to Michigan State. I don't know if you watched the game or not, but the Terps weren't playing bad - just NO shots were falling, whereas Michigan State could do no wrong. They were hitting everything. And they were without 2 of their top players.

But in true MD fashion, we rallied from a 16-pt deficit at the end with an amazing run by Greivis. We were up by 1 with 6 seconds left when Mich State came down and hit a buzzer beater three point shot to win the game.

I think the loss hurt so much because we were certain that we won when Greivis hit that last shot... and to lose at the buzzer after such a great rally was just terrible.

The sads also come into play because my whole family just loved this Maryland team - and it'll be sad to see our seniors Vasques, Hayes and Milbourne go. We had so much fun pulling for those guys over the past four years. But we are proud of how all three went out on a high note of really pulling their team together against a great Michigan State team - even if the end result didn't go our way.

So we keep trying to tell ourselves that - since we were crushed yesterday. But Vasquez will go down in history as one of my (and most other Terp fans) favorite players in MD history - alongside Juan Dixon, Steve Blake, John Lucas, Joe Smith, Exree Hipp, Len Bias, Len Elmore etc.

On a bright note - I'm #1 in my work bracket pool... with both my teams in the final game still in tact. So I'm trying to still say invested in the tournament despite the fact my team is out - which isn't too hard to do since this tournament has been one of the wildest I've ever seen in my lifetime.

However, the depressed part of me is ready for NCAA basketball season to be over because that means - it's Masters time!!!

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