Monday, March 8, 2010

It's definitely a Monday

I woke up this Monday morning in a surprising really good mood. I had some quiet time - prayed a bit about being enthused about this work week, etc. I hate that so often I just look past the 5 days of work just so I can get to the weekend. I'm in the minority that actually really loves my job, so I need to start acting like it!

So I was up with a smile on my face this morning.

I get ready, go to put on my favorite pair of Ann Taylor sling-back wedges, and what do you know? I break the strap. Like completely rip it in two. Whatever, not a big deal. I can take it to the shoe repair shop.

I go downstairs, make my morning cup of hot tea, and walk to my car.

Since we're living at my parents' house, we have to shuffle the cars around (all 5 of them) to make sure people can get out to work in the order they need to leave. Since I'm the next to last one to leave the house, I usually just park on the street so I don't block anyone in. I park really, really close to the curb so as not to block people driving on the street.

Well in order to step into my car this morning, I have to step over a pile of rosebush shrubs that have been trimmed from the bush... literally they are right below my driver-side door - no way to get in the car without stepping right in the middle of them. So of course the thorny branches start sticking to my slacks, which causes me to step out of my flats (that I had to change into since my wedges broke) and into a pile of dirt, while at the same time spilling the hot tea all over my hands.

So I literally have been dragged through the thorns, into the dirt and ended it with a burn - all before 7:30 this morning.

I hope that is not an omen for how the rest of my week is going to go!

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