Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lean Cuisine Review: Chicken Mediterranean

Once again, I'm gracing you with a review of a new (to me) Lean Cuisine dish.

This one is Chicken Mediterranean - described as: Grilled white meat chicken, zucchini, tomatoes and whole wheat pasta in a tomato sauce.

This is big for me because, once again, I'm venturing out and trying a frozen chicken dish (which normally give me the creepers). I was amazed by the Thai Style Noddles with Chicken, and am afraid it simply isn't possible for LC to make two decent chicken dishes.

But here goes!

Okay, just pulled back the film cover. First impression: THAT'S IT!?! No wonder this thing is only 4 WW points. It is half of a tiny tray. Three tiny pieces of chicken. Maybe four pieces of zucchini. I spotted two olives. I really think the packaging machine malfunctioned, because there is no way this meal is this small.

Chicken: They have grill marks on them, which makes me laugh. Who are they kidding? But the chicken was pretty good - not scary like other LC chicken dishes. I didn't have to throw any of the pieces away... but that was maybe because this dish was so dang small that I was less picky.

Veggies: Ummm, when I found a piece that was actually big enough, the zucchini was a nice texture... not completely mushy. And my two baby olives were yummy. I heart olives. The picture on the box makes it look like black olives, but I'm pretty sure the ones in my box were kalamata. I know my olives - me and the olive bar at Whole Foods are BFF. They show yellow peppers on the packaging (since I think there is a rule that they must be in every LC meal) - however, I didn't find a single yellow pepper in my meal.

Pasta: This is supposed to be whole wheat pasta - I'll take their word for it since I can't really taste the whole wheatness. The bad thing was the noodles clumped together. But they were okay.

Sauce: The sauce is actually the highlight of the meal. It's very herby - and I like herby sauce. It was robust and plentiful - there was more sauce in this dish than any other ingredient.

Overall: The taste of this meal was actually really good - better than most I've had. If it was just a little bit bigger, I would have scored it higher. I'll buy this lunch again - but make sure to bring a side salad with it. As is, I'm already hungry... and I have awhile until my 3 p.m. rice cake + peanut butter snack. I give it three out of five stars.


  1. Lean Cuisines never seem like enough food for me. 20 minutes later, I feel even more ravenous!

  2. Enough with the Lean Cuisines! Give me something about Scrabble, Fantasy Football, Maryland Basketball, how to grill a steak, or men's Italian leather shoes - Faragamo's latest styles.