Friday, June 10, 2011

Cloth diapering

Okay so since I follow many other "mommy bloggers" (and have since pre-pregnancy), I have always been interesting in cloth diapering --- as opposed to disposable, for those not 'in the know.' Actually - I should start by saying now unless you are a mom, or mom-to-be, you'll probably have no interest whatsoever in this post so feel free to quick reading now.

But onward and upward...

I wanted to be a "cloth diaper" mom but I knew the reaction Chad would have to the idea. Which is the exact reaction he did give to the idea: head shake, arms crossed and an "absolutely not." And while the concept of cloth diapering seems to have so many advantages (less diaper rash, less blow outs, less expensive, better for the environment, easier transition to potty training, etc.), I was also trying to put myself in the place of my mother-in-law (who will be kindly watching our child during some of the workdays). Her watching our baby is such a godsend anyway, I didn't want to do anything to make watching our baby MORE difficult for her. And I know the idea of cloth diapering can seem super scary.

So I told myself 1) Chad says no, 2) Tons of people use disposable and have for years... it's going to be fine, and 3) This will be easier.

But I couldn't stop thinking about it. Finally, Molly decided she wanted to attempt cloth diapering with James --- and within a day she was already feeling like a convert. Sure it's more expensive up front, but you're saving money in the long run and it really isn't any more difficult, once you get the hang of it.

I went home last night and told Chad that I knew he already was against this, but please let's look into it further. There are plenty of advantages and I'd at least want to give it a shot. He didn't oppose - and I feel like I'm going to be able to show him that we'll be able to find a system that can work for our needs.

And I think I've figured it out. At least, here is my general plan... for now.

I want to get several gDiapers - these seem like the best of both worlds because we can use the cloth inserts at home, and if Chad's mom is completely grossed out by the idea of cloth, she can use 100% biodegradable inserts that she can just flush down the toilet (and reuse the outer shell.) This is what is called a "hybrid" diaper. It allows us to go completely cloth at our home and overnight, but we have the option of bringing flushable inserts when we go out so we're not carrying around soiled inserts.

Then, I'd also like to try a couple other brands of all-cloth diapers that are "one size" so that it can transition as baby grows. A few brands I'm interested in are Fuzzibunz...
and Best Bottom, which Molly has been using and really likes.
I have still not been given the "all clear" from Chaddy yet to proceed, but I'm hoping he can watch Molly do a few demonstrations on his cute little nephew to ease his fears that cloth diapering will be SO overwhelming.

So, moms - what do you think? Anyone else have any good/bad/indifferent ideas on cloth diapering? Please comment and let a sista know!

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  1. We were (let me rephrase that) I was interested in cloth diapers before Ruthie came along, but got the no go from Joel about it. I think I could still be talked into trying it, but after getting poop on a few outfits and washcloths, it does weird me out a little to throw them in the washing machine (not sure why).

    I think Jamie's sister uses fuzzi buns and really likes them, and baby Selah looks so cute in them! Good luck, I really like the hybrid idea and I could've talked Joel into that if the cost weren't so much more on the inserts!
    It'll be great no matter what you choose! Baby J will be here soon, can't wait!