Friday, June 17, 2011

Letters to J: 30

Hi my sweet boy,

Today is another milestone of sorts. 30 weeks. You've been growing in me for 30 weeks. Every day you get bigger and stronger. I know it seems crazy, but I feel like already know your personality just based on your movements. I think you are going to be a silly little boy. I think you're going to be feisty like your mama... with a little twinkle in your eye. You are, no doubt, going to keep me on my toes. But I bet at night, when all is quiet, you're going to love to snuggle up with me and your dad.

I keep thinking of all the little things I'm going to love doing with you... but one I hope I'll get to do a lot is sing to you. There is one song, that for whatever reason, whenever I would hear it, I'd imagine singing it to my baby one day.

Hide me now
Under your wings
Cover me
Within Your mighty hands

When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with You, above the storm
Father, You are king over the flood
I will be still and know You are God

Find rest my soul, in Christ alone
Know His power, in quietness and trust

I can't wait to have you here. I'm counting the weeks.

I love you,
your mama

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