Thursday, June 2, 2011

My wish

During a nine-month pregnancy, you spend a lot of time thinking about what your baby is going to be like. What will they look like? Will they be funny/smart/athletic/beautiful? Will they be outgoing or an introvert? Will they have blue eyes or brown? And what will they be when they grow up? Nurse? Lawyer? Scientist? Teacher? Who will they marry? Will THEY have kids of their own? The list goes on.

I've spent some time thinking about those things. And after a bit reflection, I've realized that there is really only one thing I want for my child.

I want my child to know and love God.


If I get that, I don't care about a single other thing. If during their time on this earth - be it short or long - if they love God, that's all that matters to me.

A friend of mine posted this video of her church's Easter service (this is the same amazing church my parents and sister go to) - and about 3:30 minutes into the video they show a little boy - probably 9 or 10, being baptized. And I cried like a baby for about an hour when I saw it. Because, I want so badly for that to be my little boy one day.

Summit Church Easter Experience from The Summit Church on Vimeo.

Why? Because knowing God is absolutely life changing. I know. I've experienced it. I know the difference. I know what I'm like, and how I feel, when I have left God behind and walked in the flesh. And I know what it's like to live in the freedom of God's sovereignty and grace. And there is really no comparison.

I know a lot of people feel strongly that you shouldn't force your kids into church and religion. You should let it be a choice.

But I guess the way I see it is this: I know what the Bible says is true. I believe that the only way to heaven is through Jesus. So, knowing that, why would I not do everything I can to let my children know about Jesus and who He is? In the end, it is still their choice. They get to an age where no matter how much teaching and instruction you have given them, they get to choose on their own. And that's the way God wanted it to be. We can't accept God for our child - he or she must decide it for themselves.

Chad accepted this truth at 6. I didn't truly accept Him until 16. And then we both continue to accept it every day.

Months ago, I was talking to my wise mama about this very thing. And I thought she explained it so well: "Say you had the secret to financial security. You knew what it would take to have financial peace, stay out of debt, etc. Would you want to tell your child about it? Or would you wait until they ran up thousands of dollars in credit card bills and foreclosed on their house and then decide whether or not to talk to them about it. Of COURSE you would tell them. We teach our kids millions of things. We are constantly expressing our opinions on them in every other area of life. Why would you NOT teach them about the most important part - their salvation?"

I guess I just would never want to wait a second to tell my child about the most important truth in their life. With Him there are no tricks, gimmicks or hoops to jump through.

All He's ever asked if that we just BELIEVE him.

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