Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cans and Cannots: almost 8 weeks to go

I can shave my legs
I cannot paint my toenails

I can get really sleepy
I cannot sleep really well

I can get up and down on my own
I cannot get up and down on my own without grunting (attractive, yes)

I can still make dinner and do laundry
I cannot do any other household chore... or at least that's what I tell Chad

I can control my gestational diabetes
I cannot control my emotions

I can (with assistance) step up into Chad's too big Ford F-150
I cannot do it without saying "why can't we sell this and get a sedan?"

I can fold a huge load of baby clothes in like 2 minutes flat (cutest stuff EVER)
I cannot figure out how to work our carseat (we really need to look into this!)

I can imagine this little boy coming home from the hospital with us
I cannot imagine the process of going through labor without majorly freaking myself out

I can handle 8 more weeks of this if I have to, but...
I cannot WAIT to hold my child in my arms!

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