Monday, June 27, 2011


I had my first baby shower on Saturday afternoon - thrown with love by my baby sister Samantha... with some assistance from mom and Molly. It was such a special afternoon.

My sis, who has an affinity for design/wedding/creative blogs, did a masterful job of putting together SO many cute ideas for my "shower."

{cloud decorations which we're going to use as a mobile in the baby's room}

{milk bottles with cloud straws}

{homemade cupcakes courtesy of SK - which were the hit of the party}

{homemade marshmallows -plain, s'more and caramel pretzel. um yeah. as amazing as they sound.}

{advice table - my favorite thing. sweet j's jar is sitting on his nightstand}

{guest favors... i have an affinity for lemon drops}

Unfortunately, I did not get ANY pictures of the attendees or myself for that matter. Or the food (other than dessert) or drinks - which you should know is a real shame since it's well-established that the women in my family can COOK!

It was just such a fun afternoon and I had a great time with the loved ones there to celebrate our little boy. Thank you so so much to my family, especially my sister, for all her time and hard work she put into making this such a special day. (Inside joke: SK, if I had to "baby scattegories" you, I'd say amazing, beautiful, creative, darling, energetic... ;)

And... since Chad's already started dropping baby's name on Facebook... I figured I'll announce it later on the blog. But here's a hint: baby's first monogram cloth...

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