Friday, June 3, 2011

Pregnancy Week by Week 25-28

Week 25-28 (Month 6)
Hellooooooooooo 3rd trimester!

Baby size: Eggplant
How I feel about being pregnant: I really have loved being pregnant these past several weeks. I've felt good, had lots of energy, have enjoyed watching/feeling my little one get stronger and stronger (and bigger and bigger.) It's just an amazing experience... one I desperately hope I'll be able to do at least one more time. ;)
Symptoms: I'm just generally a bit more sore now. It takes more work to stand/sit-up. My muscles are always a little achy and my back/tailbone give me the most problems. Other than that, most nights (assuming the baby isn't waking me up with kicks) I'm sleeping really well... other than the occasional getting up to go to the bathroom.
Food cravings: Well diabetes put a damper on this one since most of the things I would want to indulge in I'm having to say "no" too. But it really hasn't been bad. The one thing I desperately miss is my WINE. White, red, rose, sparkling - all of it. It's especially hard now that it's getting warmer. Last spring/summer I would be out on our screened in porch most every night with a cool glass of sauvignon blanc. I won't lie, once or twice I've had the teeniest bit of wine (like seriously 1/4 cup or less.) Especially now that I'm in the third trimester I have the all-clear from my doctor to drink a glass every now in then if I want one... but I'm trying to not. Maybe only one or two teeny tastes between now and my lil' hoppa being here.
What I'm most excited about: No question - meeting my little fella in person. I'm thankful to have reached 28 weeks... so if my baby was born any time after now, it would have a 95% chance of survival since its lungs have reached a good maturity level. So as much as I might want him here now!now!now!, I want him to keep growing for several more weeks so he's nice and strong when he arrives!
Something I've done to prepare for baby: The nursery is really coming along! We have purchased all the major items we need for it - now it's just finishing it all up. I hope within the month it will be complete enough for me to put up some pictures!
Special moment: Can't think of one thing in particular, but Chad and I have really been enjoying our time together these past several weeks... the last few months of "just the two of us." I remember wanting to get pregnant RIGHT after we got married, but in retrospect, I'm glad by the time baby arrives, we will have (wow) 3.5 years of marriage under our belt. I feel like we have a really solid foundation for our family to grow upon. I hope Baby J benefits from having two parents who really love each other and cherish our time together. I pray that as much as I'm sure our lives will become wrapped up in this little person, that we never stop being "us."

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