Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pinehurst weekend

We had a great weekend in Pinehurst with my parents. It was so nice to just get away for a few days and break out of the boring routine. Best of all, the trip to Pinehurst was just a little over an hour --- so we didn't have to spend hours in a car to feel like we "got away."

We'd get up in the morning and have lunch at the club with the boys, and then they'd take off for a round of golf and mom and I would do our thing. One day we went to the pool (until we got rained out) and the next day we went to the spa, shopping and THEN the pool (my kinda day!)

One late afternoon before dinner, the boys decided to play another "quick" nine holes so mom and I hopped in a golf cart and road around behind them.

Then we went out for a few nice dinners.

How cute are my parents?

Right when we got to The National Club on Friday - we went to get some lunch. My dad quickly pointed out that my mom was going to be drawing a lot of looks from the men at the club. His words "You're not allowed to walk around this place without me. The club is crawling with men who will be wanting you to be their next trophy wife." ;) And it was true... my mom (who is oblivious to ANYONE checking her out) drew lots of looks from all the fellas.

And here is me and the Chaddyboy.And finally, the gratuitous 27 week bump shot.

If I look relaxed, it's because of the massage and the sun!

Note: I need to find a way to convince Chad to let me get massages every couple of weeks from here on out. Any suggestions?

This baby of mine is moving up a storm lately - which is making sleep a more difficult task. He's so active at night that I have a hard time falling asleep. And every time I toss and turn to readjust myself, it wakes baby up and he likes to punch me for a little while to let me know he didn't appreciate it. But it's a special time and Chad and I have enjoyed laughing at him as he moves around my stomach (so hard that we don't even have to feel for him, we can just watch my belly.) It's the craziest thing to have this wild man in me!

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