Thursday, February 4, 2010

We Shoulda Known

So I mentioned in my post(ie) yesterday about how Chad and I should have known that we would have ended up together.

Example #1) I didn't like Chad telling me what to do - before the dati
ng even began. I mean, that should have been a red flag right there.

Example #2) Back when Facebook was new, and they didn't have many options of what you could do on it, Facebook "groups" were popular. So one of Chad's friends made the Facebook group, "When I grow up, I want to be like Chad." This group had various friends as "officers" and someone made my title "I'll probably marry Chad someday." Again - wayyy before there was any thought of us ever dating.

Example #3) One of Chad's ex-girlfriends didn't really mind when he hung out with our other female friends, but did NOT like when he hung out with me (I found out about this, of course, months after we started dating.) And I promise, it's not like I was t
he type to flirt with someone else's boyfriend. So her instincts saw it coming - again - before we did.

Example #4) Looking back at all our pictures from college - we have quite a few of just the two of us... more than any other of my other guy friends. Here's one of baby Chad and baby MPLT... pre-dating days.

Example #5) My other guy friends (from another social circle) would not like it when Chad would come along because they said "I acted different when Chad was around - and didn't talk to them as much."

Example #6) During a "bad" snowstorm in college, Chad called to ask if he could pick me, my bestie Kelly and my brother up to hang out with him and his roommates for awhile. Now we had a really big group of friends, but we were the only ones that got the special pick-up from Chad just to "hang." (Note: This could just as likely been that he wanted to hang out with Kel - who is also one of Chad's good friends - or my brother, who he also really liked. But I like to think its because he lurved me and didn't even know it.)

Example #7) And finally, after we started dating (secretly for a few months in case the realtionship didn't work out, all our friends wouldn't feel weird around us) and getting more serious, when we told our friends that we were together -assuming the response would be "WHAT?!?!" - the resounding retort was, "Oh. Yeah. We saw that coming a long time ago."

So pretty much, everyone knew it was coming -except us. I wish people would have clued us in earlier! But at the same time, it was nice to have such a strong friendship with Chad before we ever started dating... and I think that's what's kept us so compatible. We have so many memories of doing crazy/fun things in college with all our friends. We learned a lot about each other as people, before there was any pressure to think of each other in terms of something long-term. So in the end, it was the best thing for us!

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