Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lean Cuisine Review: Roasted Honey Chicken

I'm doing it - trying a chicken meal AGAIN. I'm on a roll.

Let's bypass the normal backstory and get right into the review this time... Lean Cuisine's Roasted Honey Chicken.

LC describes this dish as: Roasted white meat chicken (I'll be the judge of that) in a sweet honey sauce with snap peas, yellow beans and whole wheat pilaf.

Chicken: Well there was a lot more of it than what was in my Chicken Mediterranean - and it was better than the chicken in most LC meals that are normally full of gristle. But it wasn't particularly flavorful. So all, in all, average chicken.

Veggies: Can I begin by asking what is a yellow bean?! I'm guessing it's just a green bean that's yellow... but it's not something I've seen before. And since there was only 2 of them in my dish, I can't be a good judge of it's flavor. But I will say that I'm impressed I had FIFTEEN snap peas (yes I counted) --- and I looove snap peas. They were still nice and crunchy, which was good. There were also a lot of carrots in this dish which were good - but I'm confused why they didn't include that in the description, but they did for the two "yellow beans." I guess it just makes it seem more "fancy" but really - is a yellow bean going to light a fire under someone's pants? I don't think so. "Hmmm... what LC should I get to punish myself this week? Oooh this one has YELLOW BEANS... I have to try it!" Next.

Sauce: This sauce really wanted to be something. I could tell that it wanted to be more exciting than it was in real life. I didn't really get any hint of honey... it was just a sweet sauce with a little bit of red pepper flakes, I think. But there was a lot of it to cover all the rice, veggies and chicken - so that's good I guess.

Rice: The rice might be my favorite part of the dish... with actual grains of wheat within the rice pilaf which gave it a nice crunchy texture. I can imagine the rice in this dish is kinda a snob... asking itself "Whyyyy do I have to hang out with this weak sauce and funky chicken? Can't I just be alone!?" The one downside to this rice is they have pieces of what I suppose is sauteed red onion in it... except that it looks like a translucent blue color instead which kinda creeps me out.

Overall: Eeeh... it was okay. Better than a lot of other LC's I've had that I've taken 2 bites out of and thrown away. I might try it again from time to time when I'm bored with other options. I give it two and a half out of five stars. I was originally going to give it three stars, but then noticed I gave Mediterranean Chicken three stars, and even though there wasn't a lot of it, Med Chicken was better than this one.

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