Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Friday Friday!

My mind is going in a lot of different directions today!

First, one of my good friends Whitney of Savannah Notions fame, had her sweet baby girl this morning - six weeks early! Emma Claire and mama are doing well - what a blessing. I can't wait to meet this little girl and love all over her! So congrats to Whitney and Kyle... they are going to be wonderful parents.

On a completely different note, Chad and I stopped by our house last night after work. Last week I was complaining because it didn't look like they had done anything all week. Well they made up for it this week! The shutters are on the house, all the trim work is completed (moldings, baseboards, door frames, window frames, etc.), the interior doors are in, our stairs are in (along with our balusters), the wooden beams are in the master bedroom, they completed the wooden shelving in the master closet and pantry), etc. It looks like a real house now (just not painted).

I didn't have time to take pictures last night, but I will this weekend and will post them on Monday! Next week they are doing all the tile work - so that's another big step. The weeks are just flying by, and we are beyond excited to move in!

I don't know about you guys, but I sure am excited for the weekend! I'm hoping to get some baby time in (with Emma Claire and my other love child, sweet baby Annabelle), Chad and I are volunteering with our church group at the Raleigh Rescue Mission, and then maybe measuring windows are the house for blinds --- and life doesn't get more exciting than that!

Hope you guys all have a great weekend!

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