Monday, February 8, 2010

Pet Peeves

So I was working an event this morning, during which I got to experience two things that drive me crazy.

One of them may be illogical, but the other one I think others will agree with.

1) People who just stand on escalators. Okay, I know a lot of people do this... and it's probably not a big deal... but it kinda drives me crazy. Are we that lazy that we can't walk down/up escalators? They are there to expedite your travel from one level to another... bu
t if you just stand there on a step, it can take even LONGER to go down/up than if you took the stairs. But sure enough, every person I was behind on the escalator this morning just stood there.

The one time I was on it solo, I made a point of walking quickly up the escalator to show onlookers "Wow, see how fast she got up a flight of stairs?! WE should try that next time."

So since this is a pet peeve of mine - you can make the logical jump that I also hate people that stand on those airport moving walkways. GRRRRRRRRR! Notice they are called moving walkways. Use your legs!

Okay, I'll let it go. I know it's not a big deal since obviously (from my rough calculations this morning) about 90% of people do not move on escalators. But it's how I feel.

2) People who insist on sitting at the end of a row.
So this event I was at today had 1,300 people in attendance. More than they were expecting, so they had to add additional rows of chairs in the back of the room to accommodate all the attendees. Wouldn't you know that EVERY person that walked to sit in the newly-formed row would park their behind on the end seat, so that the 8 people walking up behind them to sit down would have to crawl over each other to their respective seats.


Would it really kill you to just move into the center of the row so all the 905430594 other people coming behind you could quickly get a seat? But noooooo... you are sooo important that you deserve the seat on the end. I actually watched an older woman with a walking cane have to crawl over three men to take a seat. They couldn't bother to just scoot down a freaking chair to let this poor woman take the place on the end. I was so angry I could have screamed. But I watched literally every person that went for a seat grab the end spot.

I don't really understand why people have this need to sit at the end of a row. Like at church: every week our pastor has to beg people to please scoot to the middle of the rows so that people coming in can quickly find a seat. Chad and I eliminate this by always sitting in the middle of the row to begin with. However, every other Tom, Dick and Harry sit at the end, and either ignore the call to FREAKING MOVE TO THE MIDDLE OF THE ROW or grumble about doing it. Why does it matter?!?! Does it really provide you THAT much more leg room? It's not like you need to be getting up and leaving in the middle of the service. I guess it's because people want to be able to quickly exit - but honestly, you sitting 4 seats away from me on the outside of the row will give you about a 15 second head start on me. And then I'll probably pass you anyway because you'll be the same person that refuses to move on the escalator.


I mean am I the only one that feels this way? Is there like a support group I can join? Please share.

Okay my blood pressure just went up about 15 points writing that post.

I need to go play an Ocean Sounds CD and light a candle.


  1. Good morning - just had to let you in on a couple things about getting older. Which, only the lucky ones get to do!
    I also have the peeve about folks sitting on the end of the row - however, there have been times when I knew I needed to be able to get to the bathroom quickly. I didn't explain to everyone having to climb past me, but I wanted to. Also, when you start wearing bi, or tri focals - those escalator steps are down right impossible to tell one from the other. The lines blend each step into each other and the steps are not the same distance apart as normal steps. They are not made to be walked on if you're having any trouble with balance or vision.
    As I drove my husband home, slowly after a hernia surgery, I said, "next time you're behind someone driving slow and get annoyed, just think they might be in as much pain as you are right now."
    Hopefully, Caroline, you'll never have any of these problems, but growing old does change one's perspective (and I'm only 48 so I know I've got a lot more learning to do!)
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Okay, Kay... you're getting me to rethink things! I'll try to remember those things next time I start to feel sassy. ;)

    Have a great day!