Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Greatest Game Ever Played

So during our "big" stnow storm this weekend, we had the excuse to lay around all day and watch movies.

We watched "The Greatest Game Ever Played" - which Chad and I had both wanted to see for awhile, but never got around to it. It's a cute story - and enjoyable... especially if you like golf.

Which I do.

I love golf. Not playing of course, but watching. I tried playing with friends a bit in college, but wasn't too good at it (which Chad will argue is only because I've never taken lessons.). I actually went to a par-3 a few times with Chad and some other friends in college (when Chad and I were just "friends" at the time with no romantic interest in each other.) Looking back I laugh because I remember any other guy friend with us could give me tips that I'd appreciate. But the moment Chad tried to tell me how to hold the club, hold my arms, etc., it irritated me. How is THAT for a premonition for marriage!

[[[This is one of many clues Chad and I should have picked up on - which I'll write about another time. Suffice it to say, we should have seen it (our relationship) coming. ]]]

So back to golf - I really enjoy watching PGA golf... and I think I know why it is. I remember being in middle school - my parents took just me on a trip with them to the beach (big deal when you are one of five children) during Master's weekend. My dad (an avid golfer, much to my mom's dismay) spent the weekend explaining the game to me, telling me different things about various players and caddies, recounting his favorite Master's memories, and teaching me about some of the great players in golf's history.

So after coming home from that trip, I just loved watching golf with my daddy. My brothers -at the time- really couldn't care less, so it was my "thing" I had with my dad. Now, of course, my brothers are all into it too... but for awhile it was something just me and my dad shared, which made it special.

Chad has played golf off and on over the last several years. Last year, after a particularly stressful time at work (during which many, many hours were worked), his "reward" to himself was taking some professional golf lessons. Well - that did us in and he's hooked, and tries to play every chance he can get. He keeps trying to persuade me to learn to play with him, but it's an expensive habit for two of us to have.

So now Chad just has to hold out hope that when we have a baby, it will be a little boy and Chad can get him out on the links early!

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