Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Souperbowl Sunday

Okay, so I'm most likely hardly the first person (wow that was a lot of adjectives) to think of this idea... but whatever.

So last night at dinner, I was saying how I soooo wanted to make this mushroom soup from Tasty Kitchen that my idol Pioneer Woman featured yesterday:

The Mushroom Soup

I love it. "The" mushroom soup. Like, is there any other?

I love mushrooms, I love soup. What's not to be excited about?!

So as I was saying how I was going to make mushroom soup over the weekend, it occurred
to me that this is Superbowl weekend.

So I excitedly exclaimed, "I'll make it for SOUPerbowl Sunday!"

Because I'm like all clever and stuff. And then I insisted that anyone who comes over to watch the game has to bring a soup. And we'd eat soup all day.

I'm sure the men in the family are less than enthused with this idea - probably more into the hot wings, mexican dip, etc. - but those things can't be juxtaposed (I think this is the word I'm looking for - but if not, too bad. You get the point.) in the word Superbowl.

So that's that. I'm making it.

And these - because they make life worth living.

pics @pw

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