Thursday, February 25, 2010

Twilight - the rehash

Let me start by saying you Twilight fans sure do come out in force! My readership literally doubled yesterday - crazy. Hopefully you Team Edwards and Team Jacobs will choose to keep visiting MPLT - despite our separate views on teen vamp books. We're currently accepting new members. Just click the little follow button on the right hand side, and you'll have sparkley vampire luck for a full year! And thank you for not sending me any hate mail about my anti-Twilight message... I was a bit worried I'd receive some.

So I was talking to Chad last night about my post (after he read it). He gave me the disappointed head shake and said I sounded condescending and judgmental in my post. I think that bothers Chad because he knows I'm not those things in real life. I guess I assume people who read my blog know me like my friends do - that you know my personality, how I talk, what I find funny. But most of you don't know me like that. So let me tell you - I write my blogs in a very tongue-in-cheek manner. I'm half-joking about most of my rants/irritations/etc. So please don't take anything I say so seriously - my goal is never to make any one of my readers feel bad or looked down upon. That is ne
ver, ever my intention. If you ever feel offended by something I've written, please email me at so I can apologize to you individually - or have a discussion about my stance. Blogs are tricky because a lot of times they are one sided. I get to say things, but other than leaving me a comment -you don't really have a chance to retaliate. But I do try to respond to all my comments!

So with that said, let me rehash my stance on Twilight - since I don't think I was clear enough in it yesterday.

Here's the thing: If you've read a couple of these books and watched the movies
and decided, "That is a great love story. I enjoyed reading/watching it." - that is just fine by me! Nothing weird about that at all. I think some Disney movies are sweet/romantic love stories... and those are obviously targeted to children.

My issue with Tw
ilighters (I suppose) is the grown women who are OBSESSED with this movie/book and its characters. I'm sorry - but I think that is just a little out there for me. I know grown women who wanted posters about these characters, calendars for their offices, and bring in magazines to show me pictures of one of their favorite characters. THAT IS WEIRD!!!!!!!!! It's like these women being transported back to their preteen/teenage years when they read Tiger Beat magazine and swooned over JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas - at least he was "the one" on all the covers during my adolescent years.) I can't think of any other phenomenon like Twilight that literally has 25+ year old women wanting posters/mugs/calendars/t-shirts of make-believe characters. Can you?

My other issue is women who are mesmerized by these sparkled vamps and they are MARRIED! I think if there was a book geared toward teenage boys that involved young, hot women in lustful situations, and grown men were obsessed with reading them, wanting to buy posters of said women, etc., us wives would be having A FIT. I just don't think its healthy to be lusting over anyone other than your spouse - I'm sorry. I don't think it is good for your marriage.

So that is my issue. It is not just reading the book and finding it enjoyable. It is crossing that line where you start acting like a love-crazed 13 year old over make-believe characters. That is where I find the behavior to be a little out of control.

And these are just my opinions. No one out there said I'm right. And me calling you Twilighters "crazy" is like the pot calling the kettle black. Chad calls me crazy every day. So take what I sa
y with a grain of salt.

So to recap:
1) I still think sparkle vamp books are weird.
2) If you aren't a crazy, obsessed Twi-hard, don't get all offended by this post. It's not really directed at you.
3) Despite notes I've gotten telling me to read the books, I'm not going to. I don't have any desire to return to my teeny-bopper days and I don't think Rob Pattinson pillows will match my new bedroom decor.
There. Friends again?

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