Friday, February 5, 2010

Analyze THIS

Okay so I watched the season premier of "Lost" last night (a day late, I know)... which might explain why my brain was so screwy that I had this dream last night.

I have to share it.

If one of you is a dream interpreter (or know someone who is), you've GOT to send this to them. I need answers!

Okay get ready for it, because this is a doozy:

In my dream, Chad and I were getting ready to go to church (not our church) for some holiday like Easter or something (it wasn't abundantly clear in my dream.) I knew that at church that day, we were supposed to stick a pen (or some sharp object) into our pupils, because I guess that's something Jesus had done so we were supposed to do it to.

Well I was really freaked out about having to do this. And everyone was telling me, "Remember we did it last year and it didn't hurt!" And I vaguely remembered doing it, but was still not convinced. So I tried googling "sticking a pen in your eye" to see what they said, but I couldn't find anything.

So we got to church, and I was really freaking out. But then the pastor said, "Okay, we decided to not stick a pen in our eyes. Instead, we're going to put our contacts in scalding hot water and then put that into our eyes."

This sounded a lot better than the pen thing, but still didn't too safe to me.

So I kind of faked putting scalding hot contacts into my eyes.

And then I woke up.

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