Friday, October 30, 2009

Whatcha eatin' there sport?

So, since it's taking between 4-6 months to build our house, Chad and I were lucky enough to have parents that love us and are willing to take us in for a couple months a piece so we aren't wasting money on rent in the interim. We moved in with Chad's parents first, and so far, so good!

Everyone has asked me on a daily basis, "So...ummm... how is living with your IN-LAWS?!" like it is a fate worse than death. Certainly I can imagine that being the case for many people, but we're blessed that we both get along really well with each others parents (complete with calling them mom/dad, saying "I love yous," etc.) But I'm sure a few weeks in, it will be a little strained only because Chad and I are used to it just being the two of us.

But for now - I am loving it. For one, my m-i-l has had dinner made for us every night we've come home from work. Homecooked dinner... on the table... and I didn't have to do any of it. Do you know how AWESOME that is? The best part is, Chad's mom I think is purposely making some of our favorite things - just because she's sweet like that. On Monday, she made pan-friend pork chops which is one of Chad's great loves - me and swine.

But last night -ohhhhh last night- she made one of MY favorites.

Two words: Apple Salad.

I have no clue what sort of hallucinogens she puts in that stuff, but it is like crack to me. I could eat a large mixing bowl of it. My m-i-l knows it is my weakness. I think I caught a little sparkle in her eye when she was listing what was for dinner last night... "We're having pot roast, potatoes, collards and... *twinkle* apple salad."

For some reason unknown to me- Chad is not a big fan of apple salad. Freak. But it's just fine by me because that means I don't have to share -and that whenver his mom makes it, it is because it is a treat for me -not him. Remember, we're competitive when it comes to parents. So on this Friday afternoon, I'm happily eating nothing but apple salad for lunch. My heart is happy.

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