Friday, October 2, 2009

And it was all yellow...

I'm pretty sure I want to do a yellow in the kitchen/foyer/living room downstairs at the new casa. Since it is such a big space, I want it to be a soft, neutral yellow. As some of you may know, yellow is a hard paint color. I don't want anything too lemony, too mustardy, too gold or too Easter pastel.

If you've used a great yellow paint before, leave me a comment with the brand and color name. For now, here are some samples that I might look into. I'll obviously buy a few sample cans and test some areas just to see how it shows up with the lighting.

But here are some options.

Sherwin Williams Butter Up:

Valspar Carolina Inn Yellow:

Benjamin Moore Concord Ivory:
Restoration Hardware Butter:

I won't put this to a vote - since they'll obviously look different on the walls than on a computer. Right now I'm leaning to RH's Butter. But feel free to share your two cents. And again - I welcome suggestions!

1 comment:

  1. I like the first or last option. We painted our dining area/hall yellow in our old house and it was a disaster - I don't remember the name but it was definitely more of a lemon yellow. But we still managed to sell the house without having to repaint it haha! No worries; the shades you're picking look safe.