Friday, October 23, 2009


You'll have to forgive me for my lack of blogging yesterday - things were a bit crazy!

So yesterday evening was our last night in the townhome. The final packing will be done today, and we close next Wednesday. It's funny, because the last few weeks I have been frequently heard saying things along the likes of, "GET ME OUT OF THIS HOUSE." or "UGH. CLOSING CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH!" But after weeks of packing up, and finally laying down and reflecting in our nearly empty house last night before we fell asleep, I actually started crying.

Because despite all the things our townhome is not - there are so many things it was that our new home will never be.

It was where Chad proposed to me. In our little living room - the weekend after he moved in.

It was our first home as a married couple.

It was the home to endless friends, memories, laughter and love...

... and who am I kidding - quite a few heated arguments as well.

It was where I navigated the new waters of marriage...and what it means to be a wife.

It held "our closet" - the master bedroom walk-in where when we both caught ourselves in it at the same time, we'd shut the door, sit down on the floor and take a few minutes to just talk and be together.

It was where we celebrated promotions and birthdays.

It was where we put up our first Christmas tree as "family" - meaning me and Chad, and not us and our parents.

I could go on for awhile... but you get the point. It might not have been a fabulous home - but it was OUR home. And we made wonderful memories there. So I hope the woman moving in finds just as much happiness and love in it as we did.

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