Thursday, July 16, 2009

New families

I don't think a lot of people don't spend too much time thinking about when you get married, you really do inherit another family. Most people end up being okay with it, some people hate it, and for a small portion - it works out pretty darn well. Take Chad and I - here is a snapshot into our 'new family.'

For Chad
It recently occurred to me that Chad talks to my dad about 10 times more than I do in any given week. I knew things were going down hill when this happened. Chad is upstairs, his phone is sitting next to me downstairs. It rings (well buzzes since he uses vibrate). I see it's my daddy calling - so I answer.

Me: "Hey daddy."
Dad (silence for a couple seconds): "Why are you answering Chad's phone?"
Me: "Because he's upstairs. How are you?"
Dad: "I was calling to talk to Chad."
Me (giving up): "Fine. I'll go get him."

Chad gets on the phone and they giggle together and discuss plans for breakfast the next morning. And football. And other men things.

WHAT?! First off, how could MY dad call and not even want to chitchat with his own daughter. It's not like me and my dad aren't close - I'm the most like him (scary) in the family and... I mean, hello... I'm his first born baby girl. But alas, this is what my world has turned into. Chad and dad - golfing together, meeting for breakfast, going to lunch/dinner together, discussing fantasy football, etc. They're like bff. Go figure. I've offically been replaced.

For Me
Chad is the beloved only child in his family. His parents (particularly his mother) completely adore him - think he is the most perfect thing on this earth. I love his parents dearly, but wasn't sure if I could ever live up to King Chad. Well over the past few years, some of Chad's solo pictures have come down, and more couple pictures have gone up. As a game, I like to count to see the Carrie v. Chad pictures to see how I'm measuring up. Over time, the numbers are getting more even.

However, this Christmas is when it got good. Since the beginning of time, the coveted "above the TV" spot has held a school picture of Chad. The most visible spot in the room for sure. I decided as a gift for his parents, I would frame a nice portrait of the four of us from the wedding - laughing telling Chad that his coveted picture spot was going to be the picture's new home. Chad's retort, "Yeah right. That picture is never moving." On Christmas morning, his parents open the frame, loved the picture - say they're going to have to find the perfect spot for it - Chad thinking he succeed.

Fast forward to a few weeks later. We walk into their house to visit, and what is in THE spot? Not the picture of little Chaddy, not even the portrait of the four of us. Smack dab in its place is MY BRIDAL PORTRAIT. Muahahahhah! Chad's picture had been moved to another wall - hidden for all intents and purposes. Chad was delivered the crushing blow of defeat - and I could just barely hide my glee. We keep this little picture battle from his parents - but we keep a close eye on it.

I'm enjoying it while it lasts - no doubt all Chad/Carrie pictures will be removed after the arrival of a grandbaby. We know our place.

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