Monday, October 26, 2009

Fill 'Er Up

While sitting in the car yesterday while Chad filled up my tank at the gas station (remember, I don't pump my own gas. Boy job.), I remembered that two of my little pet peeves have to do with gas stations.

1) People that only put like a dollar and fifty cent's worth of gas in their car. Are you KIDDING me? Being that pumping my own gas is like dying a second death to me, I can not possibly comprehend why someone would want to put so little gas in their car that they'd likely have to stop a mere couple hours later to put more gas in. If someone has a logical explanation of why you'd only put a couple dollar's worth of gas into your car, please enlighten me. For now, I just assume those are the same people that smoke cigarettes while pumping gas or hold golf clubs up in the air in open fields during lightning storms.

2) People who insist on adding more gas to their car after it has already popped to indicate its full so that they can stop on an even amount - WHEN THEY ARE USING A CREDIT CARD. I can maybe understand this when you're paying cash and you want to make it easy on yourself. But even then, in how many other situations when you're paying cash for something do you pay a even amount like $5 or $25? Hardly ever. But it just kills me when people want to make sure they stop on an event amount like $19, and I ask why they do that and they respond "It's easier to balance my account." Does that mean when you go grocery shopping, pick up your prescription at the pharmacy, go out to grab dinner, etc. that you make sure to calculate your taxes ahead of time so that you're paying an even dollar amount with no change? I don't think so. Don't be a change hater.

I'm done.

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  1. I filled up almost all the way at the gas staion on premium gas for $1.78, for my scooter? Otherwise I have no explanation for ya!