Monday, October 5, 2009

Horrah! A delicious frozen meal!

Despite incessenant nagging by my dear friend Hannah for eating frozen lunches on a more-regular-than-I-like-to-admit basis, I continue to try Lean Cuisine after Smart One after Healthy Choice.

Most of the time I walk away extremely disappointed. However, my mom gave me a head's up last week that Healthy Choice has a new meal... and that it was really good.

Being that Healthy Choice is generally my least favori
te out of the three devils, I was a bit skeptical. But when I saw them at the g-store this weekend I decided to try it out.

Health Choice Pumpkin Squash Ravioli ---pumpkin filled ravioli with a butter-sage sauce, asparagus and butternut squash.

It was absolutely delicious. The ravioli is a bit al dente, asparagus is still bright green and crisp, and the sauce actually has a hint of cinnamon to it - giving it quite the "autumn" feeling.

So next time your at the store, please try it. I don't want them to discontinue it - since there are so few options for people like me that eat meatless frozen meals. Now I'll add it to my weekly rotation of Lean Cuisine Vegetable Eggroll and Smart Ones Mac n' Cheese.

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  1. Care! If you like that one you have to try the Lean Cuisine butternut squash ravioli (maybe you have but I love it!) You just have to add a little salt and pepper - which I add to any frozen meal come to think of it. Check it out