Monday, October 19, 2009


I decided that certain foods are just better cooked to a crisp.

Like bacon.

Who likes limp bacon? Certainly not me. I like mine super crispy... to the point that it crumbles when you pick it up.

Oooh, and sauteed zucchini.

I think Chad thought this was odd (since my mom always makes ours a little bit crispy.) Now, whenever he makes it, it is completely charred. We both prefer it this way. Next time you saute your zucchini, don't stir it around. Let it sit on one side until it is practically burnt. Then flip and repeat. Trust me. It's worth it.

And onion!
Last night we had chicken sausages for dinner. I served it with a side of sauteed spinach (I can eat a whole bag by myself. If there was a way to burn spinach, I'd probably eat two bags.) and a side of sauteed sweet yellow onion. I pretty much sauteed thinly sliced pieces onion in a bit of butter in the same pan with the sausages until the onions were nice and charred.


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