Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Custom Mantle and Fireplace Voting

As part of our package, our builders will make a custom mantle for the house. We just have to find them a picture of what we want (within reason), and they'll build it. However, I don't make a habit out of checking out mantles... though I've been trying to thumb through some magazines like Traditional Home, Southern Living and Country Living for ideas.

If you find any neat custom mantles, please share them with me! I could use the h

For now, here are some ones that our builder has done before. Vote and l
et me know which ones you prefer.

Mantle #1:

Mantle #2:

Mantle #3:

Mantle #4:

Sorry the picture quality isn't the greatest - but try clicking on the photos to make them a bit bigger (if that helps).

Voting is now open! Thanks for helping, friends.

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