Thursday, October 15, 2009

The favorite

I think when you come from a large family, competition is just part of life. Unless my family is just crazy... which is entirely possible. I mean, you've read the posts about my dad... you can't expect us children, who share half of his DNA, to come out unscathed.

So anyway, when all the siblings are home together one of our favorite things to do is play "Who is the favorite child."

The game involves us all arguing - loudly - about who are mom
and dad's favorite children and why. Yes, yes, I know. You thought debates like this are supposed to happen when you're in elementary school.

Well, not in my house.

The funny thing is we all assume someone else is the favorite. Well, except Kevin... who is convinced everyone loves him most. I think he only says that because he never gets votes from anyone else saying that he is favorite.

My votes? Mom loves Mike the most and Dad loves Samantha.

My mom always listens thoughtfully to our arguments for who i
s her favorite. For instance, "Mike is mom's favorite because they are the most alike." Or "I'm moms favorite because we're the closest friends." Etc. She's very diplomatic in that she always says that we're all right... we're her favorites in different ways.


My dad on the other hand - he doesn't worry so much on being fair. During one of our heated debates, we asked dad what kid is his favorite.

Dad: "Easy. Baby Foxy!"

Gah is he not the freaking cutest thing in the world. We love his parents too!

"Baby Foxy" as we like to call him is my parents' neighbor's 2 year old son, David Fox. Do you know the sad thing? He probably means it. Baby Foxy doesn't call to ask him for money or argue with him about mowing the lawn. Baby Foxy is all smiley and adorable all the time. In fact, I'm pretty convinced the only thing Baby Foxy knows how to say is "I luh you!" (maybe because his momma has him tell us that frequently)

Just wait until he starts getting mouthy. Then we'll have a recount.

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  1. Wow, Carrie. I love how your examples for the reasons that Baby Foxy is Dad's favorite include that "he doesn't call to ask him for money or argue with him about mowing the lawn." Way to throw me under the bus.

    And you know, deep down in your pretty little heart, that I am the favorite. I'm sure this discussion will continue Thursday.