Thursday, October 29, 2009

A time of transition

Sigh. It just dawned on me. I think I'm getting...



I just realized I haven't bought, or even LOOKED for, a new pair of designer jeans in at LEAST 8 months. That used to be a seasonal treat for myself. I haven't checked BlueFly, Nordy's, Neiman or JCrew in probably two months. Maybe longer.

ME. I don't even know who I am anymore.

Six months ago it wasn't a rare thing for me to send Chaddy weekly emails saying, I want ______ (fill in picture of new pair of jeans, leather handbag, cute blazer, etc.) This just hit me because I sent him an email saying, I want...


Instead of seeing what's the hot new coat for the fall, I'm looking at plates... and... FLATWARE.

I google plantation shutters. Going to a light fixture store is the highlight of my coming weekend. I've been grouchy the last few days not because I haven't been able to go out to have martinis with the girls, but because I haven't been able to cook a homemade meal in 2 weeks.


I'm hoping this is temporary since nesting is on the brain. Or else, next thing you know I'll be wearing frumpy mom jeans and seasonal brooches.

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