Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Girl Jobs, Boy Jobs

If you are one of those "woman power" hear me roar types... you probably don't want to read this post. It discusses stereotypical gender roles - and it does not bother me a bit.

I have long been an advocate of "boy jobs" and "girl jobs." There are certain things that I believe that a man is absolutely in charge of, and things women should do. Here are some examples:

Boy jobs:
- Taking out the trash
- Mowing the yard
- Putting gas in the car (I know this one will get me some grief but it's just how I feel. My husband understands this and will take my car out when it gets low on gas and fill it up for me. And it's not that I don't know how to put gas in my car... I do it when necessary... but in general, boy job).
- All things car-related - oil changes, tune-ups, car washing/waxing, etc.

Girl jobs:
- Cooking
- Washing/drying dishes (though I'm lucky and Chad and I usually tag-team this effort)
- Laundry
- Ironing
- Making grocery lists
- Wrapping presents

Now everyone, don't get your panties in a wad if you don't agree with me. I know some of you men are fantastic cooks, or women that do ALL your yard work. Kudos to you, really. Our "boy" and "girl" job designations work for us. We enjoy when the other asks us to do something and we get to respond with a screaming, "BOY/GIRL JOB!!"

However what spurred this post is a thought of another item to add to my boy job list -parallel parking. On Monday night, Chad had a business meeting in Augusta and rather than staying by my lonesome, I decided to stay with Mike + Molly. They love me and don't mind me crashing their par-tay. Well me, Mol and our good friend Caitlin (actually Mol's best friend, but I'm stealing her for myself too because I love her), went out to dinner at Sushi Blues - Molly drove.

When we got back to their place, Molly parallel parked her car on the road. Errr, well, she attempted to. We could definitely tell we were on the curb as she was parking. Didn't bother Molly in the least. We didn't realize until we got out of the car that BOTH tires were not only on the curb, but half her car was on the street and half was covering the sidewalk. We burst out laughing - with Molly saying "It's fine! Close enough." - and walked back to the house not thinking twice about it.

Flash forward two hours until when Mike gets home from Bible study/basketball - oooooh boy oh boy if I could only have seen his face. Molly's phone rings with Mike screaming, "MOLLY! WHAT DID YOU DO! YOU'RE BLOCKING THE WHOLE EFFING SIDEWALK!" He was not pleased. The girls continued to laugh as Mike storms into the house, grabs Molly's keys, and runs back to move the car. I think he was moritfied having to move that car -lest people are watching. His anger lasted about 3 minutes, but then he came in and settled down. He loves his Molly and doesn't stay angry at her. Besides - the whole thing was daggone funny. Man I wish we took a picture.

So parallel parking - I have now added you to my boy jobs. Not because women can't do it, but I know I can't... and obviously, neither can Molly.

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  1. umm let us not forget that best friends can do the parallel parking job when a boy is not immediately available ;)