Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A letter to my son

{Written after our March 28th Doctor's Appointment}

My sweet little boy,

Your daddy and I got to see you again today. Like most of our ultrasounds so far, you were quite the wiggle worm... bouncing all around in my tummy. I can already tell you will be one high-energy little guy! Daddy and I were super patient and watched with the ultrasound tech as she slowly and carefully pointed out all your perfect little organs... the two chambers of your gorgeous heart, all four hemispheres of your brain, the kidneys, ribs, your beautiful spinal cord... and more.

And then, she got the perfect view. "You're having a boy!" Like your mama tends to do, I burst out crying. But not before I got to see the look in your daddy's eyes. And hear the excitement in his voice. We have a son! Wow. We are simply amazed and thankful.

Your daddy was the last of the Barnhill boys in his lineage... so you will have the honor of carrying on your father's name. How blessed we are to get to continue another generation of our family through you, my son. You are so lucky to have such strong men to look up to. Daddy is going to teach you all sorts of things. Silly ones like how to swing your first golf club and learning your multiplication tables and long-division (please don't ask your mama for this.) But also, important things like how to respect a woman and what it means to live life with honesty, integrity and compassion. Mostly, he'll show you through example the importance of being a godly man in every area of your life.

Your mama... well, son, I hope to teach you a thing or two along the way as well. But more than the teacher, I am going to be the one that will love you with every teeny ounce of my being every minute I'm alive on this earth. I vow to never let you go a single second without knowing that you are so beloved and cherished to me.

I don't how I'm going to wait another few months before I get to hold you in my arms. To look deep into your eyes. To touch your skin, and count your toes, and inhale your smell and kiss your head.

I can't wait to snuggle you up at night and read you bedtime stories.

I can't wait to watch you smile at me for the very first time.

I can't wait to hear your giggle.

I could go on forever, sweet boy, because it's a lifetime of things I can't wait for. So for now, I'll savor the time that is just yours and mine. The time where I get to carry you with me constantly, and know that our heartbeats are in rhythm together making the most gorgeous sound we've ever heard.

I love you, my darling boy,
your mama

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