Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I don't like to think of myself as person who tries to get in strangers' business... I'd prefer the term "curious people watcher."

Back in my days of working at a bar, I'd love (when it was slow, of course) to make up these far-fetched stories in my mind --- and to share with coworkers of course --- about the backgrounds of these people.

Like when a middle-aged woman and younger male would come in, instead of making the normal inference that the woman was probably his mother, I'd tell myself that they were on a date and it was ACTUALLY her son's best friend who had, of course, no idea they were seeing each other.

I think it's part of having a creative mind... ;)

So last night Chad and I were at Chipotle to grab dinner and as we're sitting there I notice a 20-something girl walks in... looks around and then checks her phone. A couple minutes later another guy walks in by himself and looks around. The girl walks up to the guy, exchanges a few words, he shakes his head and then goes and stands at the other end of the restaurant.

I immediately assume this girl HAS to be waiting for a blind/match.com type date. Then, five minutes later - ding ding ding - guess who is right?! In walks another single guy, who looks around... walks up to this girl, she nods and it appears they say hello and make introductions.

I thought it was weird they didn't shake hands, but whatever. But I was so excited, because, helloooooo I was right! I squealed to Chad "Eeeeee! Match.com!" He agreed but then told me to mind my own business.

But of course I couldn't do that. I watched them as they waited in line to order their burritos. Kinda awkward. But he was wearing his best polo shirt with graphics on them. Ugh - who thinks these things look good?! They made small talk but you could tell there were awkward pauses. I think any date where you have to stand in line to order is kinda awkward... note to my blind-date readers.

I was hopeful they would sit near Chad and I so I could spy on their bound-to-be-awkward first date convo, but alas, the line was taking too long and Chad made me leave.

But it made for an interesting dinner! Anyone who has been with the same person for any long period of time know that you get to a point in your relationship where you realize sometimes at dinner you might not say but 10 words to each other. When you see someone day in and day out, the conversation doesn't always pour out of you. Especially after a long day at work. So Chad and I have many comfortable-silence dinners.

And while our dinners might not have those first-date excitement/jitters... we also never feel pressured to make awkward conversation with each other. Especially when I can imagine it for others. ;)

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  1. #1 - Those shirts really do look good on no one!
    #2 - I love the comfortable-silence dinners.