Wednesday, March 23, 2011


For this child, I have prayed. - I Samuel 1:27

I've said it so many times. And tried to express it so many ways. The fact simply is that I'm simply humbled by the love and grace so many people gave us during a very difficult season of our lives.

I don't think anyone - myself including - can truly understand how many people prayed for Chad and I to have a baby for so very long. I bet I could list out without thinking at least a hundred people that I know have been committed to praying for us. My friends told their friends who told their friends to be praying for us. People told their mamas, sisters, cousins and church families. Entire small groups were praying for us. People who don't even know us, have been praying for us. People who don't even normally PRAY have been praying for us.

And prayers in every which way. Some - like my Bible study girls and my dear friend Dru from church - wanted to literally place their hands on me and call for a miracle under the name of a mighty God. Some who would send me text messages and emails before and after every major appointment (so thankful for you M.J.B., J.P.A. and A.H.B.) Some - like our couples Bible study group - who would listen every week to our struggles and lift them in prayer for us. Some who prayed for me without speaking a word to me about it - I've had so many after I announced our pregnancy who have said that they have been praying for us since the beginning.

Like I said - humbling.

This child, before it was even conceived, has been absolutely bathed in prayer.

It absolutely moves me to tears every time I think about it.

Because when we finally got the news we were wanting so desperately to hear - WE ARE PREGNANT - the aftermath was incredible. This wasn't just our answered prayer.... this was THEIR answered prayer too. So many people were able to be a part of the blessing. And it was evident.

The look in my mother and mother-in-law's eyes when we told them the news. They had battled this nasty thing called infertility right alongside us since the beginning with the love and ferocity only a mama could have.

How my brothers and sisters felt a weight that they had carried for so long had been taken off their shoulders too. No one shares joys and burdens like your family.

The way one of my very best friends (and the fighter-when-I-didn't-have-strength-to-fight by my side for the past two years) burst into heartfelt tears.

The shrieks of joy from friend after friend after friend when they heard the news.

The number of people who had tears stream down their face once they learned of our answered prayer.

Incredible. We got to watch it all. We've heard all your stories.

I'm so grateful for you. I'm so thankful you were able to be a part of our miracle. Let no one ever try to convince you that God does not hear our prayers. Let me assure you from personal experience, He most certainly does. It might not be in the manner we thought... or the timing we intended... or the way we saw it happening. It might not even be the answer we want. But dear friends, He does hear you.

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