Friday, March 11, 2011

Pregnancy Week by Week: 15

Week 15
Baby Size: navel orange
How I feel about being pregnant: This was an interesting week - since obviously I got to experience Molly's whole delivery ordeal. It just made the whole thing very real to me. So I'm a little bit more nervous now, but also much more excited. I hope the next five months just fly by!
Symptoms: Hoorah - I had a reallllllly good week. Every night when I lay down I have heartburn, but it's not too bad. But all in all, I have been good in terms of nausea and headaches. I have been having lots of round ligament pain - which is like short, sharp cramps which just mean my uterus is continuing to grow and expand.
Food Cravings: There is NOTHING better on this planet than a ruby red grapefruit. Not the cheap variety, but the the $2/grapefruit variety that makes Chad give me the raised-eyebrow when I put more than three in a bag. I've always loved grapefruit, but they are definitely my favorite thing to eat now. I'd eat one every hour if I could! I've also been a big fan of cereal (which is the perfect way for my to get in my milk+DHA) - so this week I've been on a Crispix kick.
What I'm most excited about: Having baby James here just got me really excited thinking about our own little baby and how hopefully they will grow up being the bestest of friends. I'm so thankful Mike and Molly live so close (and hopefully will remain so), so that our kids will be able to grow up together.
Something I've done to prepare for baby: Learning vicariously through Molly right now. Baby, me and you have got a lot to learn still!
Funny moment: Nothing that was particularly funny per-say, but it was a bunch of FUN having both sides of our family and Molly's family at the hospital last Friday waiting for James. Our families get along so well - so we had a grand old time waiting for James to get here!
Special moment: Obviously, seeing James and holding him for the first time was just beyond special for me. But another special moment came is last Friday night while Chad and I were driving home from the hospital, after the baby arrived. It was an emotional night for everyone, so I think we were both really drained. But Chad said how he realized for the first time tonight that he'd been really stuck thinking about all the things that would change in our lives with a baby - lack of sleep, no more spur-of-the-moment plans, etc. But after watching Mike look at James for the first time, he realized that none of those things would matter any more. All he would care about is our little baby. Nothing else would even come close to that. So that was a special conversation. We're so ready for our little baby to be here and to change our lives forever!

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