Friday, March 4, 2011

Pregnancy Week by Week: 14

Week 14Baby Size: a large lemon
How I feel about being pregnant: Not so sure about this whole pregnancy thing, but MAN am I ready to meet our little baby! I think about him or her allllll day long.
Symptoms: Eek - I've had a couple bad days of headaches: one day, a migraine so bad that my OB prescribed me vicodin with codeine. Since, even with doctor's approval, I refused to take vicodin, they gave me permission to take excedrine migraine just this once... and it made a world of difference.
Food Cravings: Nothing in particular that really comes to mind, but my appetite is definitely more back to normal. I'm still not eating a whole bunch, but at least I'm starting to eat more meat and up my protein intake.
What I'm most excited about: Not related to MY baby, but today Molly is being induced... so any hour now (for her sake, I hope), we will get to meet our nephew! I'm BEYOND excited. Chad and I love baby James so much already... I can't wait to kiss all over his little face. So keep Molly, Mike and baby James in your prayers that there is a safe, fast and healthy delivery.
Something I've done to prepare for baby: Started my prenatal yoga video. I hope baby liked all the movement, stretching and breathing!
Funny moment: Chad has finally agreed with me that he thinks Baby Barnhill is a girl. My nausea/headaches and other general aches and pains just seem like something another female would put me through. ;) But the other night I told Chad I think the baby was kung-foo fighting in my tummy. Chad said no, he bet she's doing little ballerina twirls like her mama. I then decided she more likely doing the Cupid Shuffle... and we got a good laugh thinking of her doing the "now walk it by yourself" part. ;)
Special moment: It hasn't happened yet, but see answer to what I'm most excited about. That will likely be my special moment of the week.

Week 14 done - on to 15!

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