Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blog o Pics

So I have some pics to update you with!

I made the White Pizza last week, as promised. It was incredible. I served it with o
ur favorite asparagus, and it was quite the delicious meal.

Our garden has gotten so much bigger since last time. Check it out now!

Say hi to those pretty little radishes popping up! Super excited about those. (Oh yeah, and hi to Chad's Blackberry. Who needs to keep their phone out while gardening?!)

And check out our beautiful plants that are growing - some hydrangeas and mini gardenia:

Here is Chad's new black snake friend that lives in a tree in our backyard. He took like 90509345 pictures of it. He's hard to spot but you can catch his little eye in the middle of the picture and find him from there.

And - of course- some pictures from this weekend's wedding in beautiful Charleston, SC!

A group of my girlfriends from college with the beautiful bride, Sarah.
And me and my bestie Kel, with our men.

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