Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flat Zana!

So our sweet little cousin Zana (who was the flowergirl in our wedding) recently had a neat school project that involved us! In her class, they read a book about a boy who flattened himself so he could go to places all over the world. The class mimicked this idea and made flat versions of themselves to send to a friend or family member for a month!

(Here is Chad with all his favorite little girls. The not-flat Zana sitting in the middle.)

Well Flat Zana was sent to my in-laws... and we've been doing everything we can to keep Flat Zana busy.

My father-in-law, who is one of the greatest men in the whole world, has had a field day with Flat Zana. He's taken her to work...

...and all sorts of places! Since he is an electrical engineer that often has to travel to plants, he took Flat Zana along with him. In a separate picture (that I can't find), he actually made Flat Zana a special hard hat, and took a picture of hearing wearing it and a pair of ear plugs (since those plants get noisy!). And here FZ is visiting another plant:

(and here is the message that goes along with it):

Flat Zana went with me today on a field trip to Riegelwood, NC (see picture attached). There is a mill there that makes paper out of trees. I think she liked the long ride but did not care for the smell at the mill. The cooking wood does smell really bad but she seemed to get use to it before we left. Big log trucks were taking lots of trees into the mill while trains were taking the finished paper out. The paper will be used by school students and teachers all over the USA. Flat Zana really seems to like things made with paper. Some people worry about all those trees being cut down but they forget that more little trees are constantly being planted to replace them.

Yesterday, Flat Zana and I went to a place that makes salted peanuts like you eat at football games. They gave us some peanuts but they had not been cooked or salted. I gave her some to try but I do not think she liked them without salt. We did not get a picture there but if we go again maybe we can get a picture then.

Take care,
Uncle Larry

So since Chad and I went to Charleston this weekend, we took Flat Zana with us! Here are a few pictures of Flat Zana having dinner at Fleet Landing with us!

And here was our message to Zana about Flat Zana's travels:


We took Flat Zana with us this weekend for a trip to Charleston, South Carolina! We had so much fun with her. She loved the car ride down - we stopped and had lunch at Zaxsby's and Zana ordered the chicken fingers with extra dipping sauce! The weather was beautiful when we got to South Carolina, so we took Flat Zana off for a fancy dinner at Fleet Landing - which is a converted naval building. We ate right on the water. We took some pictures at dinner. Chad and Flat Zana looked at the menu for awhile. Chad got tuna and I got mussels (which Flat Zana tried, but wasn't too crazy about). So Flat Zana decided to skip right over dinner to dessert - she got a big ice cream sundae. Flat Zana and I also took pictures by the water! She loved the cool breeze on her face.

We also spent some time with Flat Zana by the pool at our hotel - and we always let her press the buttons in the elevator. On Sunday we took Flat Zana to a wedding - and she has a brochure of the historic mansion we went to to share with you when she gets home to Clinton. Flat Zana misses you a lot, but we were so glad to spend some time with her... it made us miss you even more!

We love you so much!
Chad & Carrie

So we've had fun with Flat Zana - but even more - I have enjoyed watching my father-in-law get into this project. That man is going to be one awesome grandfather!

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